Deliveroo riders given training to help those in need

Deliveroo riders given training to help those in need

Deliveroo riders, easily recognisable in their bright kits and backpacks, are renowned for delivering great food from Dublin's favourite restaurants, but now many of them will also be able to deliver First Aid in the event of an emergency.

Deliveroo has trained a group of its riders in First Aid so that they are prepared if they come across someone in need during their time on the road. Deliveroo believes that having important life-savings skills is a way it's riders can act as a force for good supporting the local community that little bit more.  First Aid saves lives and knowing what to do in an emergency can make all the difference.

The new initiative by Deliveroo is expected to be rolled out to other riders in Dublin and across the country over the coming months. The training is provided by St John Ambulance and covers critical areas such as choking, respiratory emergencies, fractures, unconsciousness, stroke and heart attack as well as patient assessment.

Liam Cox, Regional Manager for Deliveroo Ireland said: "We currently have over 400 riders working with us in Dublin city alone, that's a huge number of people on the ground every day delivering food to all four corners of the city and puts us in a unique position. Our riders already do a brilliant job bringing people amazing food but we know that the right training could  make all the difference if one of they comes across an emergency situation. It's often the first few minutes of an emergency that can determine the outcome.

"We're delighted that there has been so much interest from our riders in the training, which will benefit the wider community in Dublin. We know that riders want to support their local community and we are glad to make that happen."

The Deliveroo riders were awarded with a certificate upon completion of the training, issued by St John Ambulance, which is valid for two years.

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