3rd March: With the one year anniversary of Ireland's first lockdown rapidly approaching, Deliveroo riders across the country have been reflecting on the weird and wonderful experiences they've had on the frontline.

Deliveroo asked its Irish fleet to divulge some of their more bizarre deliveries during a year like no other. Encounters varied from heartwarming to absolutely gas.

Acts of Kindness

If the past twelve months have taught us anything, it is that a kind word can go a long way. Across Ireland, people have been showing appreciation for riders that deliver the goods come rain or shine with some very thoughtful gestures. One rider received a touching thank you card inscribed with the message "thank you for your hard work during this difficult time". While others were offered chocolate treats to keep their energy levels up in between journeys. One customer even lent a helping hand to a rider with a punctured tire - talk about cultivating good karma! Others might have taken it a wee bit too far though, with one rider receiving a handwritten letter with an invitation to attend church.

Not only has the Irish public been bestowing kindness on riders, they've been using Deliveroo to treat loved ones they've been separated from. Riders have helped make surprise gifts extra special by fulfilling requests to wish recipients a happy birthday. They might have even sung a line of Happy Birthday on occasion … move over Stevie Wonder.

Beating the Queues

From supermarkets to cafes, It seems like we have to queue for everything these days. But some ingenious punters have used Deliveroo to beat the system. One rider received a request from a tardy guy running late to a socially distant catch-up that had been forced to join the back of a gigantic queue at a restaurant, while his pals were the top getting ready to order their grub for a picnic. The bold move worked, with the Deliveroo rider delivering his food directly to him before his friends were even served. Not all heroes wear capes.

Eye Candy

Let's face it, being single during a pandemic has its difficulties and a lack of eye candy is most definitely one of them. So who are we to judge the girl that wrote demanding "only cute delivery men collect my order" ? Go get yours, sis!

Next Level Social Distancing

One Deliveroo rider revealed that a customer took social distancing to a whole new level after ordering food to a boat in the middle of a river. The rider couldn't believe his eyes as the map directed him into the Liffey to complete the order. He called the customer only to look up and see him rowing in his direction. Whatever floats your boat!


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