New technology from deliveroo offers pay as you go canteen service to businesses


Press Release, 14 July, 2021, Ireland: Deliveroo is offering a new B2B solution for companies as part of its Deliveroo for Business service, to provide a 'hybrid cloud canteen' for the expected new model of working that will see people engaging in a mix of working from home and at the office. The solution, devised for companies by Deliveroo for Business, enables them to provide subsidised or free meals to their employees, but only pay for what they need based on office capacity that day, thus cutting down on food waste and contributing to decreasing carbon emissions.

The new catering option for businesses gives access to professional catering partners such as Bujo Burger Kits , With Taste and Hapi Food Co . Delivery is available to any postcode, including those outside the coverage area denoted on the app, and depending on the size of the catered event.

Paddy Quinlan, Senior Regional Manager, Deliveroo Ireland said; "It has been sixteen months of huge change in so many aspects of life.  But one of the things that has remained constant is our love of food and the capacity that people have to break bread and find togetherness in that.  Adapting to new ways of working brought about by the restrictions during the pandemic, has been really interesting for all of us at Deliveroo. We're very pleased to be able to help people continue to embrace this way of life, which has proven to be so popular."

It is well known by now that a hybrid working model is likely, at least in the initial stages of the return to work en masse. Employees from almost every sector have been working from home since the pandemic began in March 2020. The model going forward is likely to allow for hybrid versions that will see employees share their work days across their home and office location. With this in mind, Deliveroo for Business will make things as easy as possible for companies to continue to build teams, boost morale and give something back to staff through the community of food.  

  • Businesses will receive one consolidated monthly invoice with full tax breakdown
  • Access can be granted to admin staff, a specific department or all employees depending on company size and culture
  • Reporting dashboards can be constructed and shared on daily/weekly/monthly basis to observe trends and behaviours

This most recent service from Deliveroo for Business, which caters to a new way of working, allows for employees to expense a meal while the company has full visibility on spend. Ordering rules, such as delivery addresses, hours in which food can be delivered and spending limits, can also be implemented by companies for their staff on the app.

An employee can log into the app with their Deliveroo account, using their company email address, and assign each order a project code to give managers full visibility, directly from the Deliveroo app or website. Using the company allowance toggle, they can order whatever they like (within the company rules) and it will simply be billed back to the business in one simple monthly invoice for all employees.  

Deliveroo for business has also introduced an improved group ordering feature which works for team meetings, offsites or entertainment. Prior to March 2020, group ordering accounted for over 50% of our corporate total gross merchandise value (GMV) for Ireland. A company can share an order link and let colleagues add their own dishes to a shared basket, up to 100 people can collaborate on one order. The group order can be planned 24 hours in advance and items will be added to the cart so everyone gets exactly what they want.

Deliveroo consistently innovates and adapts to customer needs and demands.  This latest innovation follows a recent market update which reported that Deliveroo is trading ahead of expectations with annual gross transaction value growth guidance on the increase based on the Q2 2021 update.  GTV has grown 76% year on year at the group level in the second quarter of 2021 to £1,739m (81% growth in constant currency). In the same period GTV in the UK and Ireland has grown 87% year on year to £921m (88% growth in constant currency) and GTV in the Group's international segment has grown 65% year-on-year to £818m (75% growth in constant currency).

Orders grew 88% year on year at the group level to 78m in the second quarter of 2021. In the same period orders in the UK and  Ireland grew 94% year on year to 38m and orders in the Group's international segment grew 83% year-on-year to 40m.

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