Bye Gull Bye! Deliveroo Releases Song That Helps Outdoor Diners Protect Against Thieving Seagulls

Bye Gull Bye! Deliveroo Releases Song That Helps Outdoor Diners Protect Against Thieving Seagulls

  • With school summer holidays firmly in full swing, Deliveroo has released a new song ('Bye Gull Bye') as part of a Chipwatch campaign to help protect al fresco diners from pesky seagulls
  • This comes as 58% of Irish people have been known to have food stolen by a seagull
  • The brand new audio track, now available on Spotify and YouTube, has been created in partnership with bird expert and ornithologist Dr Madeleine Gourmas,  providing backing music for anyone in Ireland enjoying outdoor dining this summer

July 2022, Ireland: As a new survey by Deliveroo reveals that 58% of Irish people have experienced the act of robbery by seagulls while trying to enjoy an al fresco snack, Deliveroo is swooping in to protect one of summer's essential rituals with the launch of a new song 'Bye Gull Bye' - which has been expertly created to safely deter seagulls from getting too close to your delicious food!

The 'Bye Gull Bye' soundtrack comes as Deliveroo launches a Chipwatch campaign to save the holidays and help al fresco diners to enjoy their downtime without the interruption of greedy seagulls, especially since 97.5% of Irish people love flocking to beaches and parks to enjoy a spot of outdoor dining.

The concern of seagulls stealing grub weighs heavily on the minds of the Irish, with 61.8% of people stating that they would be more likely to dine outdoors at the beach, in parks, or in gardens, if seagulls weren't an issue.  

Deliveroo has worked with gulls expert and ornithologist, Dr Madeleine Gourmas, and sound engineers to create the song, which is backed by research revealing that that calls from birds such as falcons and eagles can deter seagulls from approaching as they know the sound of these predatory feathered creatures. So when enjoying your falafel wrap or fish and chips just press play on the link, which is available for free now on both Spotify and YouTube to keep the seagulls from robbing your lunch!

Aisha Jefferson at Deliveroo, said: "One of the biggest summer rituals is al fresco dining, especially on the beach, but seagulls can wreak havoc on your peaceful picnic. If you're worried about food-snatching seagulls, we've curated a music track that will safely distract and deter seagulls from pinching your food. It's also a bit of a banger, which you can stream via the Deliveroo Youtube. Hopefully it'll be music to your ears, but not so much the seagulls'..."

Bird expert and ornithologist, Dr Madeleine Goumassaid: "This is a great initiative to help the public enjoy their Summer holidays without the threat of unwanted birds, all whilst not being harmful to them. I partnered with Deliveroo to ensure the track was no harm to the seagulls and to use gull calls to ensure it is effective. Research supports the use of gull alarm calls for deterring gulls. This is the sound gulls make when they spot a predator, and it tells other gulls to keep away. We hope this track will allow people to eat their food in peace."

So whether you are enjoying a picnic on St Stephen's Green in Dublin, or heading to the beaches in Howth, Dalkey, Malahide, Cobh, Salthill and Silverstand for fish and chips, people all over Ireland can stream 'Bye Gull Bye' by Deliveroo and enjoy their delicious food without having to hide it.


For more information, please contact:

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Notes to Editors:

This partnership is 100% friendly to the birds, and no seagulls will be harmed across the duration of the campaign.

***All the facts have been supported by research conducted by 3Gem for Deliveroo. General results available for reference

About the song 'Bye Gulls Bye' by Deliveroo

Deliveroo worked with sound engineers and bird expert and ornithologist, Dr Madeleine Goumas, to create an audio track that would safely deter gulls, backed by research.

A list of sounds known to repel seagulls, without causing harm, were compiled and produced on top of a groovy backing track to create the final soundscape.

During the song production process, the audio track was tested in a safe environment in front of gulls owned by the bird expert, to find a happy medium of listening experience and effectiveness.

The sounds which can be heard throughout the audio track, which are known to safely deter gulls are:

  • Falcon calls
  • Hawk calls
  • Herring gull alarm distress calls
  • Alarm sounds
  • Lesser black-backed gull alarm calls
  • Bald eagle cries

About Dr Madeleine Goumas

She is a postdoctoral research associate working on herring gull behaviour and cognition in environments where they frequently interact with humans. Dr Madeleine Goumas has recently completed her PhD on herring gulls' use of human cues.

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