Deliveroo offers customers the chance to win credit when it rains... and in Ireland... that’s a lot!

Deliveroo offers Irish customers the chance to win credit when it rains

 As a nation we are obsessed with talking about the weather. If there is one thing that Irish people love to hate, it's the weather. We're always checking to see what is in store for us, another 'Beast from the East' or maybe the sun will be splitting the stones this week or we could pretty much guess that it's going to be 'partially cloudy with scattered showers'. Standard.

Even though there's a grand awl stretch in the evenings now, Dublin has an average of 22 days of rain every April*. Yikes.

For every rainy day in Dublin, Deliveroo will also 'make it rain' by giving out Deliveroo platinum cards, which grant the customer a whopping €100 Deliveroo credit. To get their hands on the credit, customers just need to post a selfie on Twitter with the card and tag Deliveroo in the tweet.

Joe Groves at Deliveroo said: "Deliveroo orders come in thick and fast during Ireland's downpours so we decided that we want to make every rainy moment this April one to smile about."

Now that'll give you something else to talk about besides the weather.

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